Wednesday, April 9, 2008


What's the new game that is really making it's impact on Club Penguin? No, not spin the bottle. Try spin the fish! This super-fun game has a couple different ways to play. Not to play the game. How to play it right! I went in the biggest spin-it places to fill you in on the scoop.
Kay, so to start it off, I went searching. After only a mere 2 minutes, someone in the crowd in town yelled out that there was one in Romeo's Igloo. When I got there, there wasn't very many people, but the igloo was cool. So, inside, there was a huge fish on a table. The fish doesn't actually spin; you have to pretend it does. You either say " I'll spin!" or someone will tell you to spin. Then, most likely, you are just going to say " spin " then " it landed on" then the penguin's name that you like most. At that point, you go up the person and say " mwah ". Then your turn's over. You're penguin might like you back and ask you out or maybe you want to ask him out, then you guys can leave the game or whatever, but I am not a BF/GF guide ( at least not right now) so I am not gonna talk about that. If you get chosen, let the person go up to you. If they don't, don't get up for them. If they still don't move either the game will move on or people/ penguins will yell at you guys to do it. Ignore them and let him/her come up to you. No one asked me because I didn't have my latest style on yet, which is what I am going to post on here next. Well anyway, now you know how to work the game!!!
ALSO- If you don't have the big fish, just use a candle, pinata, or even puffle. Plus, there is around the tree, which is where someone kicks the tree and whichever direction it leans or falls over in is the person you have to smooch!. I have played that before at sponsor cliquegirls's igloom and I hadn't had more fun in my life! The tree 'fell' on my at least seven times, and people played the game for over an hour! It was probably the biggest smooch! party in CP! ( BTW- smooch! means, well, that it's a game where you smooch! Funny!)

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