Friday, July 17, 2009

Club Penguin Server (Abominable) Crashed!

At approximately 3:59 when Tarynk logged onto Abominable, she and tons of other penguins had been a victim of a crashed server. This had caused all of the penguins that had just logged on to turn blue, lose their membership, friends, igloo, and coins. Anyone with a membership that was still on Abominable lost that. Luckily, Imatweetybrd had logged onto Abominable a few minutes early and saw the whole thing. Also, once everyone had logged off and got on another server had everything restored, and so did Tarynk :) here are the pix to prove it!

Tarynk and Imatweetybrd being funny

Hahaha tarynk is saying "what the toast!" and Imatweetybrd is say "what the flop doodle?"
hahaha :D
Tarynk & Imatweetybrd
We were just saying random things... hahaha :)

The sleepover bash is going on right now!!!

Go to the server slushy and look for my Imatweetybrd's igloo!

Tarynk and Imatweetybrd's New Fashion Obsession: Sk8r Looks

Style: Standing out
While everyone else is going punk-rock, Tarynk & I are taking the skater route, by wearing dark sweatshirts, checkered vans, colors outside brown, black, and pink. Dress code for our sleepover bash: Wear anything PJ like. We are accepting anything, but if you really wanna be in style for out party, wear things like the following:
- Bright, cool colors
-sweat shirts
-wigs or party hats or snow hats
-any thing else sleepover like! :D

The Best Party Ever!!! Big Sleepover Bash!!!

Since Tarynk and I aren't staying up until 12 at night (we have plans tomorrow!) our Big Sleepover Bash!, which won the BPE contest, will be hosted today (Friday, Jul 17), and for the next two days in a row at Imatweetybrd's igloo.
Heres your VIP invite :D
What? Imatweetybrd & Tarynk's Best Party Ever - Big Sleepover Bash! :)
Where? On server Slushy, Imatweetybrd's igloo
When? July 17th, 18th, and 19th from 12:oo pm - 3:oo pm
Anyone who wants to continue partying past that time will retreat to the ice rink :D
RSVP: If you have any questions contact us at, or comment this post.
Imatweetybrd & Tarynk