Friday, March 28, 2008

Youtube videos- Click on the link to see some cool vids! :)

Oh my... I just learned some of the words to Numa Numa. LOL...

Numa numa-
[so funny!]

Everybody Dance Now!
Oh my gosh this was cut short but it is soo funny! a stick figure dancing :)

Party like a rockstar
oh this is cool

Rockstar- Nickelback
Oh I loooove this song it rox

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Hockey Game!
Hey guys! Well me and Tarynk are going to start a new activity in CP. And that's going to be a hockey game!!! So, this Sunday, and every Sunday from now on, we will host a hockey game from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. There will be two teams: Blue team and Red team. You can join the team after every break, such as 1st quarter-4:15. Half time- 4:30. 3rd quarter-4:45.These will all be 5 minute breaks for everyone's fingers to cool down (ha ha) and take a break, and talk. This is also a time when me and Tarynk will assign anyone that wants to join the hockey game to their group. Please, please, please stay in a straight line and dont try to cut just to get in a team. Also, you might not get in. If you don't for whatever reason, don't run go onto some random team without imatweetybrd or tarynk's permi ssion. Instead just go back to the benches in the ice rank and cheer for your fave team. there will be another game!!! A few more things. For one, me and tarynk are the coaches, we call outs and scores, and fouls, and all that. The crowd can protest, but they cant get on the ice rink. Please, until we call quarter time! or half time!, please stay on the benches, unless of course youre in the hockey game. A few more things- I we see someone running out on the ice rink that's not supposed to, or a player mistreating their privlages, tarynk and I, and possibly everyother person on the bench and ice rink, have full right tell you to go to the benches and if you dont, then report you. So please guys, treat this game with respect and if it turns out all right, we might start a war!!! :-)Thanx, imatweetybrd and tarynkP.S. Hockey Game will be on the Slushy server~!~!~!~! Thanx!P.S.S. Also, you can come to up before the game starts, at 3:55, when everybody should have came and got seated. Then you can apply to be on a team. How do you get on a team? You need to be wearing all blue - the blue team- or all red- for the red team. we might not let you in.... Dont take it personally, me and tarynk were kinda trained to only let certain peguins on the hockey game.
~*~*~ Imatweetybrd & Tarynk :)

The New Fashion- The Old Fashion!

The new fashion is the old fashion! Club Penguin hasn't been up instyle lately, for whatever reason, so this is what we are doing! So, everyone put on your pom poms! :)
~ Imatweetybrd & Tarynk :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Egg Hunt

Here are where all of the eggs are- sorry there aren't any pix...
  1. mine shack - lantern
  2. dock- the glass ball thing covered in snow
  3. pet shop- the puffle in the bird cage in the top right corner
  4. book room- cactus on the top shelf
  5. gift shop- poster on the wall near the door
  6. plaza- light blub near stage mask
  7. attic ( upstairs of the lodge)- put your mouse over the cardboard box then it pops up
  8. the dojo- it moves! ( ps the dojo is in between the two mountain peaks
  9. The prize is green bunny ears!!! :b

:) Tarynk :)


Not all of the music on here is clean so if you can't listen to bad words and stuff then don't click on these! Thanx :)
~*~*~*~ Iamtweetybrd


I'm adding some really cool music to the website, and if you have any ideas please leave a comment. :) Thanx,
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Imatweetybrd :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

We need people!

HEY guys, if there's any place you know where you can advertise this site please do! Don't forget that once we have 100 penguins join our site, we can have a war! If you want to be a member email me at . Just write that you want to become a member of CPC and I'll give you all the deets. Thanx, laytah,
~ Imatweetybrd

The Pin :) Book

I aM rEaLly BoReD sO tHaT's WhY i Am TyPiNg LiKe ThIs. LoL sOrRy :)
Well here's the pin guys. It's in the boiler room. Put your mouse over it then it falls to the ground. Then you pick it up. Tip: If you can't click on the pin, right click on it then left click somewhere else and it will bring you over there. :) That's what I had to do because the pin was stepped on and I couldn't get it. :)
~Imatweetybrd & Tarynk

Friday, March 14, 2008

Thee Saint Patty's Fashion With A Spring Twist!

Okay, just in case you guys decide you want to look cool and avoid being pinched (or in this case anyone that's not green gets fired at with snowballs), here's Thee Saint Patty's Day Fashion With A Spring Twist. [ The background is my igloo :) ]
What I'm wearing :
  • the paint color peach
  • the green sweatshirt
  • the pearl necklace
  • yellow flip-flops
  • dark sunglasses
  • the flutterby wig
  • brick background

I can't find the pin yet, so I'll look around and post it on here once I find it :)

~ Thanx for the support, Tarynk, Popular 1980, cliquegirls, cp coolers, captainofcpc, massiealyssa, girlslikeus, imacutiebrd, imaprettybrd, popular 112, and undrstatment. All of these penguins are members of CPC and trustworthy friends.

~ Imatweetybrd

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thee First Pix Of Spring Fashion!

Pretty cruddy, but oh well! Hey, its better than nothing! LOL. So, make sure you tell your friends about this site and put on your spring fashion! :-) Imatweetybrd and Tarynk

Thee New Fashion!

M'kay, ya guys have all been waiting for this... Thee New Spring Fashion! :) Totally! LOL. So anyway some pix of the penguins in high style should be coming your way... So keep checking up! Also, if you want to be featured as penguin of the month, send me an email at , telling YOUR story of why you think you should be penguin of the month, and your fashion. We can then meet up somewhere, and I'll take your pix! For more info, email me asking me for club penguin of the month info! Thanks, buh bye!
~Imatweetybrd & Tarynk :-)