Friday, February 20, 2009

Puffle Party!

Ahh! Im in a hurry, I will get the rest on later if i am missing any..... Soryy, byee!
Imatweetybrd &&&& Tarynk!!!!

My Favorite Hoodie - Where is it?

Now in case you didnt know this, my favorite hoodie is the red one. Here's the pix and where you can find it.... You have to click on the L in clearance. Send in pix of you showing off your style (with the red hoodie) and if we like it, then we will post it on our site! :)
Imatweetybrd & Tarynk

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Party Ideas

Here are some sick ideas for parties that me and Tarynk have collected over that past couple of dayys. Thanx to everyone who "Donated" your BPE ideas! :) (read this when you have time: there are TONS!)
Hair Salon
TV factory (tons of TVs with different channels on each)
Puffle Party/ Bring Your Puffle (titles says it all!)
70s "Groovy Party" (take out the disco ball and dance floor, along with other shiny objects and dont forget the afros!)
Punk Party
Victorias Secret Show :)
Meet Supermodels
Red Carpet at ____'s Igloo!
American Idol
School/ Colledge
Alaska Airlines (aireplane ride)
Camp _____
Different Places (different sections of the igloo are different places, like Paris and New York)
Movie/Filming (maybe even youtube vid!?)
Safeway/QFC/Fred Meyer/etc.
Robber/Thief Campout/Hiding Spot
Dance show (stage and have penguins acting or whatever)
Inside a Big Fridge
Photography Lessons
Spin The Fish (spin the bottle)
Radio Station
TV station
Member Party
Doctors Office
Cafe (Log Cabin Cafe is a great one)
Art Class
Comeback Class (teaching good comebacks and stuff)
Defense Class
Kung Fu
Snow Fort/ Snowball Fight (if you guys vote, we may possibly do one of these, public or in our igloos as a party.)
Fashion Police
Fashion Show
What Not To Wear
Extreme Makeover
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Post Office
Letter Party (everyone sends mail to each other, lol)
Paintball Fight
Secret Agent Hideout/ [other]
HQ #2
Secret Agent Missions (send penguins out on missions, how fun!?)
Scavenger Hunt
Group Therapy (talk about your "Problems" with a group of people)
stand up comedy
Dance Class
Jazz Dance Class
Breakdance Class
Birthday Party (how brilliant! I wonder why no one thought of that!)
[Second] Christmas
Valentine Party (host could be a cupid, snowballs are arrows ----> )
Big Sleepover! (my personal favorite, matter a fact, we may just be throwing one of these soon, so keep your eyes open for deets!)
Lockdown (extremely fun, and brilliant!!!)
Hot Coco Time (lol)
Coffee Time
Lunch Time
Shirley's Diner
Dumb Blonde Party!
Superstar Party
Chef's Kitchen (guests are workers)
Lamp Factory
DJ ____
Halloween Party
Costume Party
Art Museum
Band Class
Meet Your Crush
Dating Services
Find Friends
the, um, poopoo party
ski lodge
ice cream shop
video game
and thats all. If you have anymore tell us!
Imatweetybrd + Tarynk

More Party Ideas

Click on this link to see more party ideas from our sub site:
More Party Ideas

The Fashion Police!?

Fashion Police!?
This great idea came from this site: we were thrilled at the idea of coming up with Fashion Police of our own.So, there is going to be a secret outfit that we will were as fashion police around town, soo look out! We're stylish! Hahaha.
What? Were Ta- *ahem* (I mean,) Chief Tarynk and Officer Imatweetybrd, FP - Fashion Police
When? Whenever we can!
Where? Server: Slushy... Place: Our homebase is Iceberg, but we may go patrolling.
Why? We are inforcing the laws of style.
How? By saying "Fashion Police over here!" , "Get advice!" , "Get judged" and others... Or by giving you a ticket.
Imatweetybrd & Tarynk

A short break from our partying to show you were the puffle o pin is: The mine.Sorry its so fuzzy!!!

Sorry it's so small: I dunno why its doing that!This is the BPEM, Best Party Ever Map.This is showing you some of the keys to having a great party, partygoers best tricks, which, of course, start with the igloo.
1. There should always be some sort of flashy cool thing going on in the background, like a colorful puffle poster, or in this case, super cool dance lights.
2. Notice the TV in the background. A good party always has good entertainment, and the easiest is a TV. Set your TV to the channel that best marks the mood that you want your party to be in (click the TV and press the up key to chagne channels). Here I have sports going, so it will be a fun party. If you want it to be calm or romantic, then to the penguins or the fireplace.
3. Always have a sit-back-and-relax-hey-theres-some-junk-food area. A festive couch and table with sweets for the junkies is always a good idea, and it gives people somewhere to get away from the crowdedness of your dancing dude/ttes.
4. No party can live without food. Setting up a small section with a few different varieties of food in off to the side in a corner will keep your partygoers happy. If you are having a romantic party, stick with the appliences, like the pizzamaker, oven, and fridge. When doing a more festive party, bring out the fun ones, like the coffee maker and popcorn maker.
5. Set a little closed-off-by-chairs area off the side where penguins can hang out and chat, listen to music, and enjoy a toasty campfire. A game of spin-the-bottle, truth or dare, catch the fish, etc. can be played here too. This place is important because penguins that want to stand out go here. A cool entrance (such as a snowfort snowarch) can be added for extra attention and zazz.
6. Music is an important role in our lives- so it should be in our penguins too. Penguins loved the band theme in CP, so why not bring back a little bit of it in your home? Guarenteed, your penguins will be singing karaoke all night long. Not only is this important, but the background music in your home, too. We have been driven away from so many "rockin" party because of lame and annoying music. So choose a catchy tune that goes with the feeling of you party:
Anniversary Music: "Jim Gaffigan" Sort of mood. As in goofy, comedy.
Pop Song: If your in the "Katy Perry" sort of mood. Dance-y, fun stuff.Team Blue 2: David Beckham comes to mind, in otherwords, sportsy. Great for snowball fights.Cool Surf: Laid back mood, not recommened though.Aqua Grabber: Okay for snowball fights, sneaky partys like that :)

7. Disco balls are uber fun - but I like to do it to bring on a little 70's and their groove :) So bring back a little bit of a dance-inspired-era into your igloo, it actually helps!8. Number 8 marks two things: the puffles and the wide open space in the middle.Puffles - the puffles bring friendliness into you igloo, so people know that you care for you puffles, which makes you seem responsible and fun.Open space- everyone needs a place to hang out and dance. The best thing to do is put the activities and stuff off onto the side of the room, but its fun to mix up the order every once in a while.9. Add some extra accesories into your igloo. It gives people something to look at and interact with at a party, so they dont seem bored. When they dont seem bored, they aren't bored, which is double the points: people see that persons having fun so theyll take that person's lead, and then they are actually having fun too! Plus, accesories are fun and accent the party nicely, so organize-freaks will be pleased with the orderly of everything. I (imatweetybrd) am sort of an organize-freak.10. NOTICE: THE HOST IS AT THE PARTY! Yeah, that's right! She's there! It's very important for the host to stay there, because everyone is counting on you to talk, entertain, and get activities started. Have a friend go spread the news for you: if you must leave, make it in extremely short spaced out trips. The anonymous of when you come around to announce the party will get penguins curious enough to go check it out.So, as you have seen, just you igloo alone has a big impact on your party. So furni up and start announcing your BPE!~*~*~Imatweetybrd & Tarynk~*~*~

The Best Party Ever!

All day today me (Imatweetybrd) and Tarynk are going to give you tips on how to have the BPE, or Best Party Ever!If you have any ideas, tips, or pictures of your home during your BPE send them to us at! No spam please. Need help?Taking pictures on your computer screen is easy:
open up paint or another picture editor.
open up the page with the thing you want a screenshot from.
press the button that says: Prt Scrn/Sys Rq
go back on word or the other picture editor, and click paste.
then save it and send it to us!
Sorry, we dont take videos. But we do take video links. If you find/own a video on youtube of your amazing party, send us the link, and we will be happy to post it on our site! This isn't just good entertainment for our fellow readers and clubbers, but you get more viewers!
Help us out: We love it when people spread the word about our site, so don't be afraid to!
More fun coming up: We are deciding between these three activities: whichever one wins, we will host on CP!
Snowball War
Sports Game
BPPE (Best Public Party Ever, as in it takes place somewhere on the map, not at our igloos :)

Any other interesting things you have, feel free to send us!
Love yall, Iamtweetybrd and Tarynk

Searching For the Weirdest/Coolest Parties!

we are on a search for the weirdest/ coolest parties we can find =]so if you have one, tell us about it, along with a picture of the igloo when you had it.Such as the poopoo party Tarynk just went to, and the famous sinks where you um, dont wash your hands...If you have a cool party send it to us at . Thanks!
Tarynk and Imatweetybrd

Awesome Cheats (off our replacement site)

Awsome Cheats!!!
To enter expert levels in Astro Barrier, wait 30 seconds between level 30 and 31 and shoot the blue ship that appears.To catch the Big Fish in Ice Fishing, use a little fish as bait!At the menu of Astro Barrier(the screen you get to after you press the Start Button) press 1,2,or 3, to get to level 10,20,or 30!Puffle with no name:Buy a puffle at the Pet Shop,when your asked to write a name, just push the spacebar a few times, then click Next.Low definition Club Penguin: This is good if your in a laggy server. Press the += button next to the backspace button to go to Low-def CP mode. you wont lag any more.Hidden buddies: If any of your buddies are logged in a different server than you and you login, check the buddy chat quickly after you log into any server. You will only see this for one to two seconds.If you can beat Jet Pack Adventure with out geting a single coin, you will get 1,000 coins at the end as your reward.Get into Full servers: Click on a full server. It says Ok press the tab Button until there is yellow box around the Ok Button. Then press enter it says to put your penguin name just click Ok and your in a full server!!!!Aqua Grabber Cheat: Tap left, right, up, or down repeatedly and very fast and you will just fast as holding down that Button but without losing as much oxygen.

We're Back! :)

We finally got this site back again, thank gosh!
You see, we lost the password and email and had to do a crapload of researching... And finally got our beloved Club Penguin Coolers back, the official site. Here's what ya missed:, the makeup site until we got this one under control again.
Its so nice to be back! Well, we are really launching ourselves into Club Penguin for the next couple of days for you guys, so... Yeah! Here you are :)
Imatweetybrd + Tarynk