Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sorry it's so small: I dunno why its doing that!This is the BPEM, Best Party Ever Map.This is showing you some of the keys to having a great party, partygoers best tricks, which, of course, start with the igloo.
1. There should always be some sort of flashy cool thing going on in the background, like a colorful puffle poster, or in this case, super cool dance lights.
2. Notice the TV in the background. A good party always has good entertainment, and the easiest is a TV. Set your TV to the channel that best marks the mood that you want your party to be in (click the TV and press the up key to chagne channels). Here I have sports going, so it will be a fun party. If you want it to be calm or romantic, then to the penguins or the fireplace.
3. Always have a sit-back-and-relax-hey-theres-some-junk-food area. A festive couch and table with sweets for the junkies is always a good idea, and it gives people somewhere to get away from the crowdedness of your dancing dude/ttes.
4. No party can live without food. Setting up a small section with a few different varieties of food in off to the side in a corner will keep your partygoers happy. If you are having a romantic party, stick with the appliences, like the pizzamaker, oven, and fridge. When doing a more festive party, bring out the fun ones, like the coffee maker and popcorn maker.
5. Set a little closed-off-by-chairs area off the side where penguins can hang out and chat, listen to music, and enjoy a toasty campfire. A game of spin-the-bottle, truth or dare, catch the fish, etc. can be played here too. This place is important because penguins that want to stand out go here. A cool entrance (such as a snowfort snowarch) can be added for extra attention and zazz.
6. Music is an important role in our lives- so it should be in our penguins too. Penguins loved the band theme in CP, so why not bring back a little bit of it in your home? Guarenteed, your penguins will be singing karaoke all night long. Not only is this important, but the background music in your home, too. We have been driven away from so many "rockin" party because of lame and annoying music. So choose a catchy tune that goes with the feeling of you party:
Anniversary Music: "Jim Gaffigan" Sort of mood. As in goofy, comedy.
Pop Song: If your in the "Katy Perry" sort of mood. Dance-y, fun stuff.Team Blue 2: David Beckham comes to mind, in otherwords, sportsy. Great for snowball fights.Cool Surf: Laid back mood, not recommened though.Aqua Grabber: Okay for snowball fights, sneaky partys like that :)

7. Disco balls are uber fun - but I like to do it to bring on a little 70's and their groove :) So bring back a little bit of a dance-inspired-era into your igloo, it actually helps!8. Number 8 marks two things: the puffles and the wide open space in the middle.Puffles - the puffles bring friendliness into you igloo, so people know that you care for you puffles, which makes you seem responsible and fun.Open space- everyone needs a place to hang out and dance. The best thing to do is put the activities and stuff off onto the side of the room, but its fun to mix up the order every once in a while.9. Add some extra accesories into your igloo. It gives people something to look at and interact with at a party, so they dont seem bored. When they dont seem bored, they aren't bored, which is double the points: people see that persons having fun so theyll take that person's lead, and then they are actually having fun too! Plus, accesories are fun and accent the party nicely, so organize-freaks will be pleased with the orderly of everything. I (imatweetybrd) am sort of an organize-freak.10. NOTICE: THE HOST IS AT THE PARTY! Yeah, that's right! She's there! It's very important for the host to stay there, because everyone is counting on you to talk, entertain, and get activities started. Have a friend go spread the news for you: if you must leave, make it in extremely short spaced out trips. The anonymous of when you come around to announce the party will get penguins curious enough to go check it out.So, as you have seen, just you igloo alone has a big impact on your party. So furni up and start announcing your BPE!~*~*~Imatweetybrd & Tarynk~*~*~

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