Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Best Party Ever!

All day today me (Imatweetybrd) and Tarynk are going to give you tips on how to have the BPE, or Best Party Ever!If you have any ideas, tips, or pictures of your home during your BPE send them to us at Imatweetybrd@yahoo.com! No spam please. Need help?Taking pictures on your computer screen is easy:
open up paint or another picture editor.
open up the page with the thing you want a screenshot from.
press the button that says: Prt Scrn/Sys Rq
go back on word or the other picture editor, and click paste.
then save it and send it to us!
Sorry, we dont take videos. But we do take video links. If you find/own a video on youtube of your amazing party, send us the link, and we will be happy to post it on our site! This isn't just good entertainment for our fellow readers and clubbers, but you get more viewers!
Help us out: We love it when people spread the word about our site, so don't be afraid to!
More fun coming up: We are deciding between these three activities: whichever one wins, we will host on CP!
Snowball War
Sports Game
BPPE (Best Public Party Ever, as in it takes place somewhere on the map, not at our igloos :)

Any other interesting things you have, feel free to send us!
Love yall, Iamtweetybrd and Tarynk

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