Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Awesome Cheats (off our replacement site)

Awsome Cheats!!!
To enter expert levels in Astro Barrier, wait 30 seconds between level 30 and 31 and shoot the blue ship that appears.To catch the Big Fish in Ice Fishing, use a little fish as bait!At the menu of Astro Barrier(the screen you get to after you press the Start Button) press 1,2,or 3, to get to level 10,20,or 30!Puffle with no name:Buy a puffle at the Pet Shop,when your asked to write a name, just push the spacebar a few times, then click Next.Low definition Club Penguin: This is good if your in a laggy server. Press the += button next to the backspace button to go to Low-def CP mode. you wont lag any more.Hidden buddies: If any of your buddies are logged in a different server than you and you login, check the buddy chat quickly after you log into any server. You will only see this for one to two seconds.If you can beat Jet Pack Adventure with out geting a single coin, you will get 1,000 coins at the end as your reward.Get into Full servers: Click on a full server. It says Ok press the tab Button until there is yellow box around the Ok Button. Then press enter it says to put your penguin name just click Ok and your in a full server!!!!Aqua Grabber Cheat: Tap left, right, up, or down repeatedly and very fast and you will just fast as holding down that Button but without losing as much oxygen.

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