Friday, March 14, 2008

Thee Saint Patty's Fashion With A Spring Twist!

Okay, just in case you guys decide you want to look cool and avoid being pinched (or in this case anyone that's not green gets fired at with snowballs), here's Thee Saint Patty's Day Fashion With A Spring Twist. [ The background is my igloo :) ]
What I'm wearing :
  • the paint color peach
  • the green sweatshirt
  • the pearl necklace
  • yellow flip-flops
  • dark sunglasses
  • the flutterby wig
  • brick background

I can't find the pin yet, so I'll look around and post it on here once I find it :)

~ Thanx for the support, Tarynk, Popular 1980, cliquegirls, cp coolers, captainofcpc, massiealyssa, girlslikeus, imacutiebrd, imaprettybrd, popular 112, and undrstatment. All of these penguins are members of CPC and trustworthy friends.

~ Imatweetybrd

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