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Welcome to CPC!!!

Hi guys, it's me! Something happened and I can't get on my other cpc account. It really sux! But thats ok... Cause I'm trying to make this site a whole lot better now.
Now I'm going to have to paste the old stuff here (info, stories, rules dress codes. etc.) so just read thru this unless u already have... =-)
P.S. This is the official CPC website!!
Well, is says it all in the title. I came up with this name and EVERYTHING myself, so please don't copy my ideas and stuff. I had planned CPC for about two months
This IS CPC... I promise!
Dress Code
Just to make it clear, you don't HAVE to use this dress code. It's just for fun and (hee hee, I'm showing off) showing off how fashionable I am. Anyway, here's (what I rember without my notepad) the dress code:
Non-Member Girls:
Peach color and a scarf
Non-Member Boys:
Dark Green color and a scarf
Member Girls:
Peach color, white sunglasses, black sweatshirt, brown fuzzy boots/ black tennis shoes, Flutterby wig, wrist watch, pendulum necklace
Member Boys:
Dark Green color, black spy glasses, black sweatshirt, black tennis shoes, green hat/ or sunstrike wig, wrist watch
I would like it if you at least wore the signature colors for boys (dark green ) and girls (peach).

I finally got hold of my notebook!!!
Okay, I finally got ahold of my notebook, which has all of the rules in it. These rules are important to read, because once I get CPC started a little bit more, you'll need to know what's goin' on. Okay, here are the rules:
Please TRY to use the dress code so that another team doesn't mistake you for one of them.
Remember that CPC stands for Club Penguin Coolers and make sure EVERYONE knows you're a CPC (LOL).
If you are going to join CPC ~ You rock! Thanx for being with us! (Us as in captain Imatweetybrd and her co-captain Tarynk)
Have fun and try to check up on this website frequently for updates on wars, meetings, etc.
Meetings (unless something happens and there is a change, and then I will notify ya guys) will always be held in 2 different places:
For Wars: AT slushy- check to see if Imatweetybrd's igloo is open, if not Tarynk's, and if not that either, then at the lighthouse. (It's the least likely place for others to find us and attack when we're planning or doing whatever.
Other Meetings: Thermal, check the map for Imatweetybrd's if not then Tarynk's and if not that then meet at the Dojo!!!
O.K. I have to go now, so I'll get back on this tomorrow. Don't worry, I'm also making a Email in case ya guys have ideas or something.
~ Rock On!!! \@/

Okay, back to the rules!
When in the middle of a war or other problem (or whatever else) concerning CPC, please check up on the site frequently so you know what to do.
As I said earlier, Imatweetybrd and Tarynk are the captains/owners/ whatever you want to call it of CPC. Please listen and do not speak when we have an announcement or meeting on clubpenguin, so that everyone will know what they will be doing. Please quiet someone if they keep talking while we have something to say, and if nessicary (Sorry if i spelled that wrong!) report them. Fraud ownership/ captains WILL be reported, so no fraud ownership. Also, if you are not sure whether you have the offical website or not, email CPC or talk to Imatweetybrd. Thanx!
Please don't steal this webpage. I worked sooo hard on it that I would be really sad if someone stole it and took credit for it. Something MAY be worked out so that you MIGHT be able (just might guys, sorry) to put this on you webpage. If you want to, please contact Imatweetybrd or the CPC crew.
Whew! That was alot of rules! Thanx for reading this (if you did- if you didn't i dont blame ya... But at least scan over these rules so you know part of it!)
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CPC's contact informatioin
Hey guys!I'm sure you all want to know the contact information for CPC, so you can send in ideas, stories, and tips for CP and CPC. Well, here are the 2 Email choice you can Email:To Email directly ti Imatweetybrd, please email lucky was I that that name was available!?!?)And to Email the CPC crew, (which is so far, just me and Tarynk) Just Email:clubpenguincoolers@yahoo.comSo as you've probaly figured out by now, you can send in a quite a few things: (it's not like you need a list to know, but I just feel like making one!!!)
Ideas to improve this website
Your stories about CP and your penguin too!
Tips and cool glitches for CP
News that you've found out about
Now just to let you know, I will be just to make sure this info is true ( except for this stories) and if I like what you wrote or whatever you did, with you permission, I might put it on my webpage! Please no pictures of yourself, but I can put on pictures of your penguin if you want some attention (LOL) !
Thanx, and I hope to hear from ya guys soon,
~Imatweetybrd Rock on!!! \@/

Here are a couple of my good tips
So, I have a couple good tips to keep me on track on CP.A good money one is on cart surfer. Now, you can change to the color lime green to make you do tricks super-fast. Or, to be fashionably fast, I found out that brown works pretty good too. Now that you've changed color, you can do this:Do a back-flip (down, then space), and then do a 360 ( space, and then left or right) keep doing that until you get to a turn. Then you do what I heard was called the grind ( down, then right or left). After about 3 turns, you should crash. This will make the ride longer and you'll get more coins. Keep doing this until you have no lives left. Then you want to jsut keep going until the end.The highest score I got was 513 coins!Please send in your highest amount of coins won in one game of Cart Surfer and I'll post it on here;~Imatweetybrd- 513

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