Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our Favorite Hobbies

As I'm writing this, I am doing one of three favorite hobbies : I am planning a 'surprise party'. This includes going into a stranger's house who has their igloo open, checking out the place, and the then deciding, if you like it, to tell everyone about the 'great party' there. My favorite part is how the owner reacts when everyone's in their igloo!
Me and Tarynk's second fave hobby? Annoying waiters! So next time your at the Pizza Parlor, beware. If you happen to serve us then you'll never hear the end of it :) We hope you know how to annoy waiters. If not, then here are some basics:
- Fight over seats with other penguins. Yell for them to get out of your seat.
- When you see a couple dining, go over and act like one of them is cheating on you.
-Yelling WAITER!!! as many times as you can.
-When a waiter comes to serve you, act like you don't believe that they're a waiter.
-When talking to the waiter, say random things like "So, what do you do for a living?" and "What the flop doodle!" (haha)
- When you finally recieve your food, make random complaints like "It's MOVING!" and "This isn't pizza!"
And finally, our third fave hobby is crashing parties. Here are a few party themes and actions:
- American Idol - Dress like a madman and sing terribly, and when the judges say next beg for another chance and don't leave the stage. Also, sing with the other contestants or make annoying remarks.
- Fashion show - Dress for something that is not in the theme and then tell everyone that your outfit is best.
- McDonalds - Order disgusting things like toast with tuna or pretend like you can't make up your mind. Then refuse to pay for the bad service and threaten to sue. Then sit down with someone you don't know and strike up a conversation about the terrible service.
- Meet Your Crush - Stalk a person the whole time and then say "Im sorry but I'm not interested."
- Spin the Fish/ Spin the Bottle - Go up to a whole bunch of random people that it didn't land on and say "Muah" and when someone else goes yell "IT LANDED ON ME! MEEE!"

Haha, there you go. Wish us luck on our party-crashing.

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