Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Help Us Make A Few Changes To Club Penguin!

Tarynk and I believe that a few things should be changed on Club Penguin. So, we are trying to make it happen! We are sending tons of emails to Club Penguin encouraging them to do something about it, but we need your help! Okay, we won't keep you guessing any longer. Wouldn't it be crazy cool if you could pay people for you pizza or get paid for you pizza, or have a win a contest and have a crazy money award!? We think so! That's why we asked (and asked, and asked....) Club Penguin if penguins could send thier money to other penguins! How cool would that be!?
Another thing: Have you ever noticed that sometimes some of the things you say on Club Penguins (even though they are NOT inappropriate) do not show up to other penguins!? We have! And it irritates us! :'( We trying to get Club Penguin to fix this error so that penguins are allowed to say (almost) anything they like! It feels like someone's taking away our freedom of speech!
So, it would be oh-so-wonderful, that if you agreed with the changes we want from Club Penguni that we listed above to happen, you could help us out and send Club Penguin a couple (or alot) of emails saying how you feel and encouraging CP to change thier ways! This should be about pleasing the costumer right?!
~ Good Luck and Happy E-Mailing, Tarnk and Imatweetybrd, presidents of Club Penguin Coolers

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