Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Fashion!!! :)

Okay, so here's the new fash-ee-on for this week/month. I'm so sorry I have to find the cord to my camera so I can post pix (pictures) of my penguin's style on here. But for now here's the new fashion:
  • Penguin Band Hoodie, found in the Stage
  • The Sidetied wig, aslo found in the Stage
  • White sunglasses, in gift shop
  • Pearl Necklace, gift shop
  • The colors peach, brown, dark blue, black, red, pink, and purple

The new Cool Place (the cool place is the coolest place to be, where all of the cool, popular, funny, and totally cool penguins hang out. You have to have the current fashion to be cool, popular, funny, or etc.)

*~*Snow Forts*~*

Okay, well now you know and I gtg (got to go) so write more tomarrow, byebye!

~ Imatweetybrd :-)

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